5 Things to keep in mind before visiting a brothel – Politeness is key

5 Things to keep in mind before visiting a brothel – Politeness is key

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According to a report on make sexual behavior published in the year 1958, nearly 70% of American men had bought sex at some point of their lives. The study also revealed that men agreed the fact that they visited prostitution homes in order to get their fantasies fulfilled.

A brothel is a word that is used commonly among people but besides being a taboo, it is also a place that men love visiting in search of attractive women. If you’re a resident of Melbourne and you’re looking for the best brothels Melbourne, you might be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before visiting a brothel.

#1: You should maintain hygiene and stay clean

One of the foremost things to keep in mind before visiting a brothel is to maintain hygiene and staying clean. For the sex workers who work there, cleanliness is highly important. Make sure you check yourself for STDs just before the visit because if you don’t do that, the women will get you checked. They may even ask you to take a shower and wash your mouth before the session. If you don’t want to be embarrassed by them, clean yourself.

#2: Know the importance of staying polite

Most often it is seen that men who visit brothels don’t respect women and even encourage physical abuse. You should keep in mind that those women are nothing but sex workers who are there to offer you the service for which you’ve paid. Brothels in Melbourne are highly concerned about the respect of their sex workers. If you don’t show respect to them, you won’t get your wishes fulfilled. You might be even thrown out of the house.

#3: Safety first

In a good quality and popular brothel, if you wish to fulfill all your wishes with the beautiful and attractive women, you have to take all sorts of safety precautions. It’s illegal to have sex in brothels without any safety measure as it is neither safe nor hygienic. Hence, make sure you have all measures before entering brothels.

#4: Have proper communication

After visiting a brothel, it is wrong to expect that the sex workers working there will have an idea about your fantasies. You have to ask for it. Regardless of how weird or funny your fantasies might be, you can share with them as their services are highly private. Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask them whether or not they’re okay with it. These facilities are given to men so that they may ask for anything they want. Hence, stop hesitating and start communicating.

#5: Never bargain with the sex workers

Do you ever bargain with a hairdresser or inside a restaurant? Most people never think of doing that as they are selling their services. A hairdresser takes care of your hair and get paid for it. Similarly, the sex workers in a brothel are also catering to your services. This is a highly professional and exclusive service where bargaining or over the price is something that you should never do. If you try to bargain, it will seem that the girls are cheap products in the market. There should be a standard fee and you are obliged to pay that. There aren’t any special exceptions or cases.

So, if you’ve been thinking of experiencing the feeling of paying for sex, you can try that by visiting a reputable brothel. But make sure you have all the above-listed points in mind as this will help you stay away from any embarrassment.

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