Interview of Rachel


-Hello Rachel. So, how did you become a webcam girl?

Rachel (c) I met a girl at a newbie’s week when I graduated. She introduced me to the site on which she was listed, she told me about the places she had visited, and I found the idea very attractive. I signed up, and then I started getting messages and meeting men. I also joined the major webcam girl websites.

-What did you want to get out of it?

Fund the master’s degree I’m currently studying.

-What kind of arrangement do you have right now?

I get money to pay my rent and university fees, and I also get gifts when I can’t afford to treat myself after paying basic expenses. It helps me a lot. I’ve had fourteen sugar daddies in four years, and I’m in contact with two men right now on webcam chat websites. I work on one of the most popular sugar daddy website. I have dates, I go out to dinner with them, I accompany them to events, and when they’re in town for their business, I see them. They want company actually.

Has this experience affected your personality?

It’s amazing! My experience is very positive: it’s really a good thing for self-esteem, I make contacts, and I’m never alone. As a careerist, it gives me the opportunity to network, I meet people I might not have met without it. It opened a lot of doors for me. I feel more fulfilled.

-How does it work?

I think I have more confidence in myself and it’s good to talk to smart men who have succeeded. It’s very inspiring in a way. Many of them were normal students like me and they ended up in very, very prestigious positions.

Do you sometimes feel indebted?

I never had that feeling.

-Do your parents know about this?

No. Because I don’t tell them that kind of thing, unless it’s serious. If I meet a guy and we’re not in a relationship, I don’t tell them.

-Why do you think there are more and more sugar babies in the UK?

This is probably because the university fees for the masters are too high, and it is impossible to pay one when you are so young. I used to have a part-time job, and it didn’t fit with my studies. I don’t come from a very wealthy family, my parents have an average income. And then there’s a kind of positive word of mouth, people say good things about it. And curiosity is surely also a factor.

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