The Soft Power of Lesbian Sex

The Soft Power of Lesbian Sex

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Many cosmopolitan women love to watch porn; they find no stigma attached to it. Many times it is the only viable option to satisfy one`s sexual fantasies. Extreme BDSM gangbang turn off the female audience; they like to watch softer versions of porn, precisely lesbian sex. One most popular porn website declares lesbian is the most-watched category by women audience, and lesbian porn videos are 151% more popular among fair sex than males. Understandably lesbian women constitute a large chunk of the female audience. But data assert a lot of straight women love lesbian porn videos.

Satisfy their fantasy

A recent study conducted by Gallup exhibits that 5% of the women viewers are lesbian, which states lots of women like woman-on-woman porn. Just because a lady watches lesbian porn does not define her sexual orientation. Some women may be lesbian, but most of them, like male, watches porn to satisfy their fantasy. What they watch in online porn could be entirely different from what they practice in the bedroom. Most women watch porn for four basic reasons.

More about feeling

Most hardcore mainstream porn is focused on performance, not on erotic; it is all about appearance and sound, not on feeling. Lesbian porn is more sensitive because often it is scripted by women, acted by women. In hetero sex, the limelight is on the size, girth of the penis. In lesbian porn showcased on VR, Sex entire feminine body is the luminary of the show.

The spectrum

As hetero porn is crafted for male viewers, it centers on aggressive fucking; the guy with a large cock is the center of attraction. But jack thrashing of cock on soft pussy does not take a woman on a high octave. Instead, it is foreplay vaginal stimulation that turns on a woman. Ordinary porn ends with male ejaculation; lesbian porn is all about feminine ecstasy. The porn videos seem too artificial, concocted. Lesbian porn shows more kinds of body types, nearer to reality. It is more about feeling, no unnecessary noise. Even today, it is more acceptable when a woman gets sexually attracted to another woman. It seems to be sexy. Women are more sensitive to sex; they are turned on by a wide spectrum of things than men.

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