Time to Go To the Dream World at the Drop of Hat

Time to Go To the Dream World at the Drop of Hat

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BDSM can add lot of spice in your sexual life, but it is not confined in bedroom alone. You can switch it off and on if you are the dominant of the two. You can take up the charge out of blue if your partner is the submissive one. The element of surprise in the mall or at movie can give her a damp in the panty. At drop of the hat you become the master, she follows your order in most obedient manner. Submission is not a trait of coward, but having faith in you, as her better half. She makes you feel confident, leader, you are in charge.

The Transition

The transition from outside world into bedroom is not always seamless, because both of you feel tiered of the traffic, of work pressure. You both need a drink to start the play. It is easier for dominant partner to take charge but the submissive partner needs some time to clear the clutter which she carries from outside. If you are an understanding partner respect it, allow her to settle. She needs to calm down before fulfilling your orders, let her unwind. If you she her stressed, share a drink together, a good wine is relaxing. Watching porn like caught masturbating can be stimulating and relaxing.

The scene begins

In the porn movie the couple start dancing together and he order for a slow sensual striptease.  He kissed her slowly, proceed with caution. Every couple has their own set of rules. She slowly discards her clothes, only in her white panties, topless, then takes off the shoes, she raise her hips to tug of her panty. She stands naked in full glory, meekly reaching for the man`s belt to undo it. The jeans hung open; she hungrily looks at the throbbing meat under the brief. A smile crept in her face, look at him for the authorization to kiss, lick your manhood.

The play

The nod is almost undetectable, but she finds it. She is on her knees looking at her master, and then kisses below the bellybutton, rubbing her face over the brief. She feels the warm throbbing dick, its warmth, its power. Her slender finger reaches for the waistband of the boxer, desperately wanting to play with the monstrous cock.

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