Top 3 positions women want to try during sex. 

Top 3 positions women want to try during sex. 

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Are you a lady wondering what other positions women like you are trying? Or are you a man looking for means to understand what positions women enjoy? If you are in any of the above categories, you need to read this post to the very end. When it comes to bedroom matters, there are no actual formulas to doing it the right way. However, you could have some perks and ideas to put you on the right channel. One of them is watching free porn for women, which are made readily available on Porndoe. These clips help you understand the female body even better, alongside some positions that make them enjoy sex more.

There’s always room for exploration when it comes to sex. However, be sure you’ve taken your time to discuss it with your partner. Ensure they understand the concept and are okay with it. Without taking much time, here are some of the top three positions women love to explore during sex.

Tabletop sex: 

Of course, you might have tried this at some point in your relationship, but you didn’t notice the amusement on her face. While this position is not as famous as the popular missionary style, it remains one of the most desirable. This position often gives away the sense of friendship in sex. There’s something like BEING PLAYFUL and enjoying an ex at the same time. That’s what tabletop sex gives, and most ladies want this a lot.

Reversed cowgirl:

The cowgirl and the reversed cowgirl positions come with domination, giving the woman complete authority over sex. This position delivers pleasure the same way, it provides the woman with the capacity to dictate the how and pace of the sex. Being in control is what most men do in sex; however, when it comes to positions like the reverse cowgirl and the cowgirl, the table turns and power is given to the woman. More than several porn videos online buttress this point, especially free porn for women.

Doggy style: 

Doggy style is about one of the top three most popular sex positions. The reasons for its popularity transcend the name into the pattern to which this position is done. One of the best means of practicing spanking of ass is via this position, as her ass is more revealed in this position. Most ladies that love spanking or have spanking as their kinks would enjoy the doggy style. So, if you notice your woman loves her ass being spanked, or you want your ass to be spanked, practice the doggy style more often.

There are more than one position ladies want to try out during sex, but the above are the most important ones. Having sex with your favorite person differs from person to person and rests on intimacy. So, before practicing any form of sex or exploring your sexual orientations with your partner, be sure they are okay with it, and you both have taken time to talk about them.

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